Frequently Asked Questions

My anti-virus software has identified a threat in ImgDrive.

ImgDrive is 100% virus-free, adware-free, malware-free, and spyware-free. ImgDrive has also been independently verified as "100% clean" by Softpedia.

However, some anti-virus software may incorrectly identify components within ImgDrive as a threat. These warnings are a false positive.

False positives are a common issue with anti-virus software, and since ImgDrive is developed and published by a small, independent software developer, it can be more vulnerable to false threat identification.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us and we'd be glad to help.

Is ImgDrive free for personal and commercial use?

ImgDrive is free for personal use, and you can upgrade to ImgDrive Pro to unlock additional features and support the developer. You can also check out a full feature comparison between the Free and Pro versions.

For commercial use, please purchase a ImgDrive Pro license.

What does Per User licensing mean?

Each licensed user may utilize ImgDrive on any number of computers. Depending on the quantity you order, we will deliver a single-user or multi-user license key. A multi-user license key is shared among the appropriate number of users.


If you have any questions about licensing, please contact us and we'd be glad to help.

What happens after a year for a one-year subscription?

For 1 Year subscription: If you install the version released after expiration time, you will be prompted to expire and you cannot use the Pro feature.

However, if you use a version released within the validity period, you can use all Pro features normally.

What payment methods are accepted?

ImgDrive Pro licenses can be purchased using PayPal from the Buy ImgDrive Pro page.

If you have questions about payments or want to discuss alternate payment methods, please contact us.

I purchased a ImgDrive Pro license, but I haven't received my license information via email yet.

Please contact and we'll re-issue you the license immediately. Please include the email address you used to purchase the license and your transaction ID if possible.

How do I enter the license key?

How to Register ImgDrive Pro.

I have lost my license key. What now?

Please write us an email requesting your license key.

How do I change my email address?

Please write us an email requesting the change and please state your old email address, new email address and order number.